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Behind the scene of the Performance by Carlota Guerrero for Tod’s Women’s SS 2022 Fashion Show

นอกจากการดูบทความนี้แล้ว คุณยังสามารถดูข้อมูลที่เป็นประโยชน์อื่นๆ อีกมากมายที่เราให้ไว้ที่นี่: ดูเพิ่มเติม

Artist Carlotta Guerrero’s performance, which further develops the important bond between Tod’s and the art world, tells a story of sharing and empowerment, celebrated through its handcrafting process. The tools used for manufacturing direct actions and gestures, and invite the body to a dialogue with matter, which in turn is shaped and transformed. Seven women move as one to the sound of Rosalía’s NANA (Chapter 9: Concepción), becoming bearers of a message: humanity is harmony, between humans, cultures and environments.
TodsSS22 Tods
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Behind the scene of the Performance by Carlota Guerrero for Tod's Women's SS 2022 Fashion Show

Liu Shishi and XIAO Zhan for Tod’s: Fall-Winter 2021/22 Advertising Campaign

A distinctly creative and sophisticated narrative:Brand Ambassadors Liu Shishi and XIAO Zhan, interpret Tod’s FallWinter 2021/2022 campaign. The protagonists’ charisma gives an exclusive touch to the modern idea of elegance of the collection. The images, shot by Chinese Photographer Trunk Xu, express everything about the brand’s philosophy.
Tods TodsFW21
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Liu Shishi and XIAO Zhan for Tod's: Fall-Winter 2021/22 Advertising Campaign

Tod’s 120lb Medieval Legolas – TESTED

IT’S FINISHED! Joerg Sprave from \”The Slingshot Channel\” invented the amazing \”Instant Legolas\” magazine system for longbows; he challenged me to make a Medieval version………
I made the device and in turn challenged Joe Gibbs from \”Hillbilly Bows\” to shoot it…….
This film shows the device, how it is used, our thoughts on it and what 5 of them can do in the hands of a powerful and experienced archer.
If you would like to support my work on this channel you can always buy my fantastic reproduction medieval weaponry available here
Bow in Joerg’s device approx 30lbs
Tod’s bow in Tod’s device approx 95lbs
Joe’s Bow in Tod’s device approx 120lbs
Multishot sequence bow approx 45lbs
Feather fletched bolt 65g
Wood fletched bolt 85g
Note: A lighter bow was used for the multi shot sequence as approximately 60 bolts needed to be shot within a few minutes after an already strenuous day, so we wanted to keep it easy.
The two films clips were taken from
\”Arrows v’s Armour Mythbusting\”
\”Crossbow v’s Longbow\”
Tod Maker of medieval weaponry and film and TV weapons
Tods Workshop custom medieval weapons
Tod Cutler Budget medieval weapons
NEW: Buy Tshirts
Joerg Sprave Inventor of the Instant Legolas and YouTube Royalty
\”The Slingshot Channel\”
Joe Gibbs Longbow archer and bow maker
@Joe Gibbs
Hand forged heads by Will Sherman

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Tod's 120lb Medieval Legolas - TESTED

Nanase NISHINO in Sound of Emotions: Tod’s Fall-Winter 2021/22

Tod’s presents the FallWinter 2021/2022 Women’s Collection with a new Japanese Tod’s Friend, Nanase NISHINO. Feelings can be communicated through words, facial expressions and gestures. She elegantly shows her emotions through her footsteps: joy, anger, sadness and happiness. Enjoy her dance, dressed in our new collection. (Movie in Japanese only.)
西野七瀬 in サウンド・オブ・エモーションズ:トッズ 2021/22年秋冬
トッズ 2021/2022年秋冬 ウィメンズ コレクションを新トッズ フレンズ、西野七瀬さんとご紹介します。私たちは感情を伝える際、言葉はもちろんのこと、表情やしぐさで表現しています。このムービーでは主人公の「喜怒哀楽」の感情を、西野さんがエレガントなステップと共に演じます。トッズの最新コレクションを纏った西野さんのダンスもお楽しみください。
Tods TodsFW21 トッズ 西野七瀬
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Nanase NISHINO in Sound of Emotions: Tod's Fall-Winter 2021/22


HO: Today, I had the chance to visit the Todds office, and genuinely, I felt the culture where
comfort in life is appreciated in Todds. For example, the office provides you a comfortable
environment with day care, cafeteria, and not to mention the beautiful building. It’s such an
amazing environment. After 44 years working in this company, how do you look back at
your years here?
TO: During my 44 years, I’ve witnessed the company grow drastically. Having started the
business with Diego, I’m so proud that we have come this way and see Todds grow to what
it’s become today. The vital factor in Todds footwear is, the comfort it provides and the long
lasting fabric. In order to make such a product handmade, the fabric must be premium. The
shoe must be comfortable, not something that injures your feet.
HO: What exact sort of materials are perfect for Tod’s footwear?
TO: Cow leather, python, expensive quality leather, there’s various types of leather we use.
However, among all the types we use, we only use the premium best of best of each kind.
HO: Among all the Gommino loafers, for us Japanese consumers, which model is the one
that fits us the best? Give us in colours, fabrics, and shapes.
TO: Let’s see, for gentlemen’s footwear, I’d recommend a natural neutral colour. The colour
you’re wearing right now actually. I’d recommend these types of neutral colour or dark
brown. For the ladies, I’d recommend pastel colours. In terms of fabric, for both genders, I’d
recommend the cow leather, suede, Nubuck, or grain processed leather.
To tell you the truth, I retired 15 years ago. However, my love for the family business has
kept me going after retirement.
HO: In the end, it’s all a very personal business, isn’t it. The warm character of Diego, the
care that you both have for your employees, furthermore, the care you have in your
community keeps you both going. I can see that people who are inspired by Diego keeps
this brand going. Hearing you speak more, I’ve fell in love with the brand even more.
Thank you so much Diego, and everyone from Tod’s!!!

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